• Viking Emerald 118

Viking Emerald 118

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Easy to Use

All stitches are clearly shown in front of you. Choose your stitch simply by turning the knob to the correct stitch number.


Speed Control

Set your maximum sewing speed so you never need to worry about accidentally going too fast.

Needle Up/Down

Set your needle to always stop up & out of the fabric, or down to easily pivot your fabric.

Built-In Needle Threader

No more searching for the needle’s eye. Let the needle threader do the work and start sewing!

One-Step Buttonhole

Sew the perfect buttonhole in one go! Width of the buttonhole can be adjusted up to 5mm.

Essential Sewing Stitches

18 essential stitches, including stretch stitches, blind hems, and overcast, plus a one-step buttonhole.

Sewing Guide Reference Chart

Your Emerald features a simplified Sewing Guide Reference Chart that helps with the right settings. It shows you the correct stitch and stitch settings for a variety of applications and fabrics.